Hiring part-time English, Math, & Science tutors

  • Mature, patient, outgoing, confident, and people-oriented
  • Excellent reading and writing skills
  • English tutors must have English as their first language and major in Education, English, Linguistics, Psychology, Art, History, or equivalent
  • TESOL certification is preferred but not required
  • Math/Science tutors must major in Engineering or Science

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How it works

SmartTutor recommends tutors to families in the Lower Mainland. So far, we have served over 3000 students and have approximately 60 active professional tutors in Greater Vancouver, particularly in Vancouver, Richmond, and Burnaby.

Tutors go to students’ homes to teach them. We always match tutors with students who live close to them, so most tutors spend no more than 20 minutes on commute. Most tutoring sessions begin after 4 PM (after school), but some students may wish to study on the weekends or earlier in the day. Each session is 1.5 hours for elementary school students or 2 hours for high school students. Most students have a tutoring session once or twice a week.

Most of our students are Canadian citizens or permanent residents. Some are international students or visitors. They include elementary school, high school, and university/college students as well as adults. English students want to improve their reading and writing skills. Grade 11 and 12 students may focus on LPI, TOEFL, and the English 12 Provincial Exam. ESL students want to learn speaking, reading, basic grammar, and sentence building skills. Science and Math students need help with school homework.

Tutoring fee is based on experience. The position is contract based (self-employed, no need to deduct tax, EI, CPP from paycheck). SmartTutor provides partial teaching materials as well as on-the-job training for our tutors.