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English Tutoring Services


  • All tutors were born or grew up in North America and have native Canadian accent.
  • They select diverse topics and role play with students to practice real life speaking and listening.


  • Tutors must have English as their first language and have excellent reading and writing skills.
  • They assign reading materials such as newspaper and magazine articles, short stories, novels, poems, or Shakespeare for students to read as homework.


  • Students practice constructing sentences with vocabularies and phases to improve their understanding, memorization and usage of the English sentense structure.
  • To learn essay structure and enrich their essay content, students also practice writing expository essays with topics from LPI, TOEFL, or the English 12 Provincial exam.

Math.Science.Physics.Chemistry.Biology Tutoring Services

  • All tutors major in Engineering, Science, or Math.
  • Our tutors assist students with Math and Science homeworks and exams, boost their grades and prepare them for post secondary education.

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SmartTutor provides quality in-home tutoring services for families in Greater Vancouver. We advice, coach, and prepare students for advancing their education.

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