Provide top quality tutoring service for elementary and high school students and give them the best start in life in North America.

Hundreds of years ago most people worked in farms. It was easy to survive if they had physical strength. In the industrial era, skills and techniques were more important than stamina. In the 21st century, it is now necessary to utilize computer, internet, and data in their lives and jobs. People are eager to pursue knowledge and information.

They need excellent English skills in order to communicate and absorb new information, as well as advanced Math and Science skills to enter good universities that lead to wonderful careers.

SmartTutor provides English, Math, and Science one-on-one tutoring services. We understand the BC educational system and tailor-make courses for each student, so they may successfully enter UBC, SFU, and other remarkable universities in North America.

Many families immigrate to Greater Vancouver worldwide. The children often experience anxiety as they try to adapt to a completely new English environment. The parents’ top priority is to find experienced and dedicated tutors for their children to help them quickly improve their English and Math skills.

SmartTutor has a proven tutoring program and has guided students to academic success for over 15 years.