Free consultation services for parents and students

How to learn English and Math effectively.
How to select high school courses to fulfill university entrance requirements.
How to select university majors and plan careers.

Guaranteed satisfaction

Parents or students may request a different tutor within reason, if they are not satisfied.
They may terminate the tutoring service at any time. Although a cancellation fee will apply if they are midway through the purchased lessons, the unused lessons will be refunded.

Effective tutoring

SmartTutor communicates with parents and students, provides feedback to our tutors, and adjusts tutoring materials and methods as necessary. This is especially beneficial for non-English speaking parents.
SmartTutor provides students exercises and homework separated from regular school homework to facilitate learning, especially for English tutoring.

SmartTutor is at work 7 days a week

Call us anytime from 9 AM to 7 PM. Mandarin and English services available.