We evaluate all tutors carefully using the requirements below.

  1. They must have a bachelor degree or a postgraduate degree. The tutors must major in the same subject as what they are tutoring.
  2. English tutors would have a degree in English Literature, Linguistics, Creative Writing, Sociology, Psychology, etc. Math and Science tutors would have a degree in Math, Science, Physics, Chemistry, or Engineering
  3. Most of our English tutors have taught overseas or in Canadian language schools
  4. Our tutors must be: mature, passionate, enthusiastic, patient, outgoing, confident, communicative, and people-oriented. We believe these qualities are the backbone of a great tutor. The tutors must not have a criminal record.
  5. English tutors must be born, raised and received primary to post-secondary education in North America. Besides perfect English pronunciation, tutors must pass our SmartTutor reading and writing exams. We believe tutors who grew up in North America can best help immigrant students integrate into western culture.
  6. We ask our tutors to be kind but firm with students. They will ask them to be present during the tutoring sessions and not be distracted by cell phones, TVs, or computer games. A good learning attitude is important to cultivate and will serve them well for life.
  7. Our tutors will adjust lesson plans based on student needs. Math, Science, and Social Studies tutoring will mainly focus on helping students with homework from school. For English tutoring, we concentrate on strengthening students’ weak points, be it speaking, listening, reading, or writing. Our tutors must be well prepared for each session and will assign English reading and writing homeworks and request students to complete them before the next session.
  8. The tutors will provide parents with student evaluation reports if necessary, so the parents will always know how they are progressing. English tutors will test students often and inform parents of the results.